Thursday, June 6, 2013

Golden Venture, 20 Years Later

Local coverage of the twentieth anniversary of the Golden Venture grounding shows that the story still resonates.   Newsday (subscription required!) has run a couple of stories and the York (PA) Daily Record also published a number of retrospectives.  Patrick Keefe, author of the book about Sister Ping and the Golden Venture, Snakehead, blogs in the New Yorker.

Photojournalist Katja Heinemann has done a particularly excellent job marking the date with a photo essay and also a Storify page that will take you to all of the Golden Venture stories mentioned above and more.

June 7 update: StoryCorp, the superb oral history project that also airs on NPR, did a conversation between a former York prison detainee and  the local York man who was his translator.


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