Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Approaching the Golden Venture 20th Anniversary

June 6 will mark the 20th anniversary of the grounding of the Golden Venture.  I've been in touch with supporters of the Golden Venture former detainees over the past several months, in anticipation of the upcoming landmark date.   Although there has been some talk about a commemorative event or an organized effort at political lobbying on behalf of the former detainees who still do not have legal status, as of today I don't know if anything has really been planned.

According to Bev Church, there are still 20 men from the ship who were released from federal detention in the York County Jail in 1997 who have not been able to obtain legal status.   Bev is still active on their behalf: her main focus has been to stay in touch with members of Congress about the issue, and to make sure that the "private bill" that would award status to the 20 is reintroduced in each Congressional session. 

Bev is tireless in her work, and is now talking about the hope of getting support from Marco Rubio.

It's gratifying that this anniversary comes at a time when America seems to be coming to its senses on the immigration issue.   There's now a decent chance that comprehensive immigration reform can make it through Congress (thanks to the Latino vote and the scare it's giving to the Republican Party).

I've been hearing from the press.   At least one major New York daily is working on a story.   The World Journal visited me and my wife Zhihong up here in Yonkers, and just ran a nice story:   Zhihong was my translator when we made the documentary "Golden Venture" in 2006!

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