Friday, August 24, 2007

Grudging Recommendation: Today's Krugman Column

As a non-card-carrying libertarian, I'm not a particular fan of Paul Krugman. But I do admire his persistent, and aggressive anti-Republican attack posture. Today's column in the Times is a good one -- nailing the Republicans for hoisting the anti-immigration issue as the new "Willie Horton" red flag of the coming elections. I wasn't aware that Republicans were trying to exploit anti-Hispanic sentiment in connection with the recent shootings in Newark. Krugman must watch more Fox News than I do -- I wasn't aware of it. Apparently, my old friend Tom Tancredo showed up in Newark to denounce the city's leaders. This is only sparking my interest in posting some of our footage of a trip Trancredo made to New Hampshire a number of years ago, where he was presenting an award to a local police chief who had taken it upon himself to arrest illegals. It was well before Tancredo became an officially declared candidate.

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