Thursday, August 23, 2007

Golden Venture in the News

New York 1 ran an update story on the status of the Golden Venture passengers Aug. 14th. You can read the story and watch video here. A link to the story is also posted at the Golden Venture documentary web site, here.

There's not much new in the story. The Golden Venture passengers "paroled" by President Clinton in 1997 remain in limbo, still waiting for permanent legal status, still waiting for the status what would make it possible to move on with their lives, and to travel back to China, to see family they haven't seen in more than a decade.

NY1 reports Ruschell Boone, who wrote the piece as part of the "Queens, Then and Now" series, based much of the article on an interview with Ben Chen, a Golden Venture passengers in York, PA.

I've known Ben for years. I wonder how Ruschell got Ben to speak on the record. I was never able to convince Ben to be in my documentary, even though he is one of the lucky Golden Venture passengers who received political asylum fairly early on, and today is a US citizen.

I'm glad that Ben is speaking up.

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