Thursday, July 1, 2010

Exhibiting at Museum of Chinese in America

Thrilled to report that "Golden Venture" will be playing at the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA), 211 Centre St. in downtown Manhattan. Excerpts from the film will run continuously as part of an exhibit that opens in time for the Independence Day. The exhibit will be there for several months.

MOCA has been involved in the Golden Venture story from the beginning -- their early exhibit of the artwork made by the GV detainees in prison played an important role in obtaining release for many of the individuals who were held for four years.

Of course this new exhibit comes against the backdrop of the recent heating up of the immigration issue, sparked in large part by Arizona's xenophobic new anti-immigrant legislation. And with health care reform and financial reform now off the front burner in Washington, there's talk that immigration reform may come next. Hard to believe any progress can be made in the poisonous political environment that exists before the midterm elections.


Anonymous said...

No habla ingl├ęs.

The United States has laws. Those laws should be enforced or they will be eroded one step at a time. We are a country of laws. The immigration laws require English competency. If they can't speak English, it is not "racial profiling".

I am for open borders. I am not for "not enforcing" U.S. laws.

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